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Your Hosts:


Robert Timothy is a CRM Archaeologist by day and Science-Comedian by night. He performs live comedy everywhere from Comedy Clubs to Military Bases  to Casinos and Science Museums. His greatest scientific accomplishment was being the youngest person ever to present original research at a major scientific conference while coming out to Jay-Z's 'Izzo'. That is a 100% true credential.





Damian Mercado is a San Diego based Stand-Up Comedian, US Army Veteran and the reason we can't have nice things. He can be found performing live in Comedy Clubs and brothels throughout San Diego.


Our guest scientist position is filled by experts in various fields, from physics to linguistics to biomedical research. Our goal is to extract as much expert information as possible from them before they become too offended to continue.


Join the three of us and listen to the week's most interesting science articles through the eyes of science, comedy and highly offensive humor.




Science Faction


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