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Hosted by an Archaeologist/Comedian, a Stand-Up Comedian, and a different weekly guest-scientist, Science Faction is like a science-centered version of The Daily Show, except it’s much, much more offensive.


Science Faction is a weekly discussion of all things Science done with the irreverance and offensive humor of a 'blue' stand-up act, but with far fewer laughs. It's a way to keep yourself scientifically literate while also enjoying routine dick jokes.


From recently published research to misreported articles and podcast reccomendations, Science Faction will make you smarter while occassionally making you laugh and routinely making you rethink the validity of unrestrained 'Freedom of Speech'.


Listen to just one episode and if you don't laugh out loud and learn something new, you're either a stoic or a genius. Literally, it's considered the diagnostic tool of choice in the DSM-VI.


The Podcast

Science Faction
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